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SKAL, eHotelier and Torrens University are offering ten MBA-level, online executive leadership eLearning courses valued at $750, FREE.
The courses form the eLearning components of the MBA in International Hotel Leadership.

Courses include:

  • Management v’s Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles
  • Building your Leadership Brand
  • Reflective Practices for Professionals
  • Reflective Practices for Professional Development
  • Positive Leadership in Action
  • Communication During Organisational Change
  • Facilitating Change
  • Navigating Organisational Culture
  • Understanding Competitive Advantage and Strategy

Available to 1 April 2021.

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SKAL eCampus – Subscription

$35.00 $29.00 / month

The SKAL eCampus offers unlimited monthly access to more than 155 hospitality courses, including 25 courses exclusively designed for hospitality professionals who perform within a management or an executive role.

Courses range from culinary, events, finance, human resources courses, tourism, cross-departmental and more. The SKAL eCampus also provides access to all coursework required to attain certifications including a Diploma in Hospitality, as well as other certifications across a range of specialities.

Why subscribe to the SKAL eCampus?

  • Self-paced career development, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Access to more than 155 courses
  • Training created specifically for industry, by industry experts
  • Completion certificates for all courses
  • 4-6 hours learning per course, including extensive videos and quizzes
  • Translate courses into over 100 languages
  • Monthly subscription. No lock-in contract, cancel anytime!
  • Access to courses required to attain diploma certifications for hospitality management, internationally recognised by the Institute of Hospitality.


Management Courses included in the SKAL eCampus

Culinary CLM001 Coordinate Cooking Operations
Events EMM001 Determine Event Feasibility
Events EMM002 Develop and Implement Event Management Plans
Events EMM003 Develop Conference Programs Develop Event Concepts
Events EMM004 Manage Event Staging Components
Events EMM005 Manage On-Site Event Operations
Events EMM006 Manage Projects
Events EMM007 Organise Event Infrastructure
Events EMM008 Research Event Trends and Practice
Events EMM009 Select Event Venues and Sites
Finance FIM001 Manage Finances
Finance FIM002 Manage Finances Within a Budget
Finance FIM003 Manage Physical Assets
Finance FIM004 Prepare and Monitor Budgets
Human Resources HRM001 Establish and Maintain a Work Health and Safety System
Human Resources HRM002 Manage Diversity in the Workplace
Human Resources HRM003 Manage Employee Relations
Human Resources HRM004 Recruit, Select and Induct Staff Roster Staff
Cross-Departmental MDM001 Develop and implement a Business Plan
Cross-Departmental MDM002 Establish and Conduct Business Relationships
Cross-Departmental MDM003 Manage Meetings
Cross-Departmental MDM004 Manage Operational Plan
Cross-Departmental MDM005 Manage Quality Customer Service
Cross-Departmental MDM006 Manage Risk
Cross-Departmental MDM007 Research and Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Operations Courses included in the SKAL eCampus

Human Resources HRO001 Coach Others in Job Skills
Human Resources HRO002 Lead and Manage People
Human Resources HRO003 Manage Conflict
Human Resources HRO004 Monitor Staff Performance
Human Resources HRO005 Monitor Work Operations
Human Resources HRO006 Roster Staff
Housekeeping HKO001 Provide Lost and Found Services
Front Office FOO001 Conduct night audit
Front Office FOO002 Process Reservations / Use a Computerised Reservations or Operations System
Food and Beverage Service FBO001 Conduct a product tasting for alcoholic beverages
Food and Beverage Service FBO002 Operate and Monitor Cellar Systems
Food and Beverage Service FBO003 Provide Advice on Australian Wines
Food and Beverage Service FBO004 Provide Advice on Beers, Spirits and Liqueurs
Food and Beverage Service FBO005 Provide Advice on Food
Food and Beverage Service FBO006 Provide Advice on Food and Beverage Matching
Food and Beverage Service FBO007 Provide Advice on Imported Wines
Finance FIO001 Control stock
Finance FIO002 Interpret Finanacial Information
Finance FIO003 Maintain Financial Records
Events EMO001 Access Information on Event Operations
Events EMO002 Coordinate On-Site Event Registrations
Events EMO003 Plan In-House Events of Functions
Events EMO004 Process and Monitor Event Registrations
Events EMO005 Provide Event Staging Support
Culinary CLO001 Design and Produce Sweet Buffet Showpieces
Culinary CLO002 Design and Cost Menus
Culinary CLO003 Develop and Implement a Food Safety Program
Culinary CLO004 Develop Menus for Special Dietary Requirements
Cross-Departmental HRS001 Work Effectively with Others
Cross-Departmental MDO001 Enhance the Customer Service Experience
Cross-Departmental MDO002 Identify Hazards, Assess and Control Safety Risks
Cross-Departmental MDO003 Implement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
Cross-Departmental MDO004 Implement and Monitor Work, Health and Safety Practices
Cross-Departmental MDO005 Make a Presentation
Cross-Departmental MDO006 Source and Present Information
Cross-Departmental MDO007 Work Effectively in Hospitality Service
Cross-Departmental MDO008 Source and Use Information on the Hospitality Industry

Skills Courses included in the SKAL eCampus

Skills Cross-Departmental MDS001 Communicate in the Workplace
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS002 Interact with Customers
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS003 Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS004 Participate in Safe Work Practices
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS005 Provide Information and Assistance
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS006 Provide Visitor Information
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS007 Provide Service to Customers
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS008 Show Social and Cultural Sensitivity
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS009 Use Hospitality Skills Effectively
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS010 Use Hygienic Practices for Hospitality Service
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS011 Disability and Cultural Awareness
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS012 Giving a Positive Customer Environment
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS013 Handling Customer Problems
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS014 Handling Different Customer Behaviours
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS015 Understanding Customer Needs
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS016 Workplace Ethics
Skills Cross-Departmental MDS017 COVID-19 Awareness
Skills Culinary CLS001 Clean Kitchen Premises and Equipment
Skills Culinary CLS002 Handle and Serve Cheese
Skills Culinary CLS003 Maintain the Quality of Perishable Items
Skills Culinary CLS004 Model Sugar Based Decorations
Skills Culinary CLS005 Package Prepared Foodstuffs
Skills Culinary CLS006 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices
Skills Culinary CLS007 Plan and Cost Basic Menus
Skills Culinary CLS008 Plan Catering for Events or Functions
Skills Culinary CLS009 Prepare and Model Marzipan
Skills Culinary CLS010 Prepare Food to Meet Special Dietary Requirements
Skills Culinary CLS011 Prepare Portion-Controlled Meat Cuts and Meat Products
Skills Culinary CLS012 Prepare Sandwiches
Skills Culinary CLS013 Prepare Simple Dishes
Skills Culinary CLS014 Produce and Serve Food for Buffets
Skills Culinary CLS015 Produce Appetisers and Salads
Skills Culinary CLS016 Produce Cakes
Skills Culinary CLS017 Produce Cakes Pastries and Breads
Skills Culinary CLS018 Produce Chocolate Confectionery
Skills Culinary CLS019 Produce Desserts
Skills Culinary CLS020 Produce Dishes Using Basic Methods of Cookery
Skills Culinary CLS021 Produce Gateaux, Torten and Cakes Produce Meat Dishes
Skills Culinary CLS022 Produce Meat Dishes
Skills Culinary CLS023 Produce Pastries
Skills Culinary CLS024 Produce Pates and Terrines
Skills Culinary CLS025 Produce Petits Fours
Skills Culinary CLS026 Produce Poultry Dishes
Skills Culinary CLS027 Produce Seafood Dishes
Skills Culinary CLS028 Produce Stocks, Sauces and Soups
Skills Culinary CLS029 Produce Vegetable, Fruit, Egg and Farinaceous Dishes
Skills Culinary CLS030 Produce Yeast Based Bakery Products
Skills Culinary CLS031 Transport and Store Food
Skills Culinary CLS032 Use Cookery Skills Effectively
Skills Culinary CLS033 Use Food Preparation Equipment
Skills Culinary CLS034 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
Skills Culinary CLS035 Work Effectively as a Cook
Skills Finance FIS001 Process Financial Transactions
Skills Finance FIS002 Purchase Goods
Skills Finance FIS003 Receive and Store Stock
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS001 Prepare and Serve Cocktails
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS002 Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS003 Prepare and Serve Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS004 Clean and Tidy Bar Areas
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS005 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS006 Provide Room Service
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS007 Provide Table Service of Food and Beverage
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS008 Serve Food and Beverage
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS009 Buffet Service
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS010 Carrying and Clearing Plates
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS011 General Preparation
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS012 Laying Tables
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS013 Presenting Menus and Taking Orders
Skills Food and Beverage Service FBS014 Silver Service Techniques
Skills Front Office FOS001 Provide Accommodation Reception Services
Skills Front Office FOS002 Provide Porter Services
Skills Front Office FOS003 Provide Valet Service
Skills Housekeeping HKS001 Clean Premises and Equipment
Skills Housekeeping HKS002 Launder Linen and Guest Clothes
Skills Housekeeping HKS003 Prepare Rooms for guests
Skills Housekeeping HKS004 Provide Housekeeping Services to Guests
Skills Housekeeping HKS005 All About Housekeeping
Skills Housekeeping HKS006 All About Cleaning
Skills Housekeeping HKS007 All About Cleaning Bathrooms
Skills Housekeeping HKS008 All About Making Beds
Skills Housekeeping HKS009 All About Presentation
Skills Security SCS001 Hotel Security Awareness
Skills Tourism TOS001 Access and interpret product information
Skills Tourism TOS002 Book Supplier Services
Skills Tourism TOS003 Operate an Online Information System
Skills Tourism TOS004 Prepare Quotations
Skills Tourism TOS005 Process Travel-Related Documentation
Skills Tourism TOS006 Provide Advice on Australian Destinations
Skills Tourism TOS007 Provide Advice on International Destinations
Skills Tourism TOS008 Sell Tourism Products and Services
Skills Tourism TOS009 Source and use Information on the Tourism and Travel Industry