Competitive Value Analysis

Learn how to price your rooms and ancillary products strategically, provide a competitive advantage without discounting, maximise revenue from every guest, while sustaining a high net promoter score.

Competitive Value Analysis for Accommodation Providers
Duration: 3 Hours
Department: Marketing
Level: Executive
Start: Flexible

Value-based pricing requires determining what your customers truly value. This can include a high willingness to pay for products and features important for a particular stay, the lowest rate for price-sensitive guests, and everything in between.

In this course, we introduce a unifying framework for examining different methods of accommodation pricing, including:

  • Understand the value proposition and rate tactics of your key competitors
  • Develop a competitive advantage based on the analysis findings and repositioning a hotel by offering better value for consumers.
  • A template spreadsheet is provided to facilitate pricing research

You will learn:

  • A method to validate pricing strategy for a hotel’s rooms and ancillary products, using a template developed by hoteliers
  • A structure to review and update this strategy when required
  • A best practice process for developing your pricing customised to your property
  • A reliable method to work out your competitors “Net Promoter Score”
  • Develop a competitive advantage based on the analysis findings and repositioning the hotel by offering better value for money for consumers

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