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Management Subscription

Level: Manager
Department: Cross-Departmental
Start Date: Flexible
Duration: Over 600 hours
Language: English with translation available

The Hospitality Management Subscription offers unlimited monthly access to more than 155 courses, including 25 courses exclusively designed for professionals who perform within a management or an executive role.

Courses range from finance, human resources to revenue management and also include management soft skills courses. The Hospitality Management Subscription also provides access to all coursework required to attain the Academy’s diplomas and other executive level certifications across a range of specialities.

Why subscribe?

    • Self paced career development, anytime, anywhere on any device
    • Access to more than 155 courses
    • Training created specifically for industry, by industry experts
    • Completion certificates for all courses
    • 4-6 hours learning per course, including extensive videos and quizzes
    • Translate courses into over 100 languages
    • Monthly subscription. No lock-in contract, cancel anytime!
    • Access to courses required to attain diploma certifications for hospitality management, internationally recognised by the Institute of Hospitality.

Start Learning

$35.00 / month

Train your team, enterprise pricing available for this course.

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