Master Your Communication

Master Your Communication is an awareness and skills development course designed to help you own your behaviour, master your communication and determine your success. Based on the work Louise Evans you will be introduced to five chairs, each of which represents the communication choices we have at our disposal.

This highly interactive course features a cast of characters including Maxwell Caulfield as a corporate leader facing some tricky communication situations, and Louise Evans as his wife Kate. You will learn alongside JD as he works with his coach to become a master communicator.

Duration: 4 hours
Department: Leadership
Level: Executive
Start: Flexible

Learning Outcomes:

The 5 key objectives of this course are:

  1. To become proficient at identifying our default communication choices
  2. To recognize how our behaviour is shaped by our thoughts, feelings, needs and beliefs, and how these can lead us to behave in unhelpful ways
  3. To challenge the assumptions we make, and learn to focus on facts
  4. To understand the choices we have in any given situation and make communication choices that lead to better outcomes
  5. To be able to work with difficult people with skill, dignity and grace

Ideal for:

Anyone who is interested in becoming a better communicator, including:

  • Senior leaders
  • Middle managers
  • Team leaders
  • Customer and/or complaint handling roles HR professionals
  • Negotiators and mediators

Course Outline:

This program is divided into modules that help you understand each of the 5 communication choices we have at our disposal. Each module describes a specific style of communication, which is represented as a coloured chair, an animal and a quote.

Throughout the modules, you will meet JD Holden, a fictitious executive at a global company, who learns the hard way how to communicate with his peers in order to achieve his goals. Along the way, you will be invited to reflect on your own behaviours and learn the tools and techniques to master your communication.

Downloadable resources for each chair allow you to put the theory into action and provide handy reference tools for use beyond this course.


Overview of the 5 Chairs

The Red Chair – The Jackal (Attack)

In this module you will learn to identify when you are being outwardly critical, The Jackal is used to symbolise how we use communication to attack others

The Yellow Chair – The Hedgehog (Self-Doubt)

In this module you will learn to identify when you are being inwardly critical, The Hedgehog is used to symbolise how we communicate when we feel attacked, threatened or not good enough

The Green Chair – The Meerkat (W.A.I.T.)

In this module, you will learn to identify how to pause and self-reflect, The Meerkat is used to symbolise curiosity and patience. It might be considered to be the chair from which we do not communicate, rather, to take the time to understand what is going on for us.

The Blue Chair – The Dolphin (Detect)

In this module, you will learn to identify what is important to you (your needs). The Dolphin is used to symbolise self-assuredness. In this chair, we are able to communicate assertively, without being aggressive

The Purple Chair- The Giraffe (Connect)

In this module, you will learn to identify what is important to the other person (their needs). The Giraffe is used to symbolise compassion. In this chair, we are able to communicate empathetically

Quizzes and Resources

To test your understanding, there are a number of quizzes along the way.
To help with your practice, there are resources and assignments for you to download and keep.

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