Hotel Security Awareness

The Hotel Security Awareness course provides all hotel team members withe the fundamental skills to ensure a secure environment for guests and employees. The course covers threats from physical as well as cyber threats in an online format, rich with images, multimedia, case studies and simulations.

Duration: 4 Hours
Department: Security & Risk
Level: Skills
Start: Flexible

Security Awareness means you see or hear something that does not feel right, and you take action to prevent harm to yourself, your colleagues, and your guests. What you will learn from case studies and exercises can be applied to every department in a hotel. The training is designed to refresh your security knowledge regularly to prepare you for the “real thing”.

This course covers:

  • The See, Hear, Feel and Tell approach.
  • Basic human rights and duty of care
  • Security procedures
  • Suspicious activity
  • Terrorism and active shooter incidents
  • Identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Cybercrime

This interactive Online Hotel Security Awareness Course features videos, animations, case studies and exercises, so there is something to suit all learning styles. Track your progress online to manage your time and achieve your goals without investing a fortune. This training will also help hotel employees and management with common problems like crime.

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