Coach Others in Job Skills

Being able to teach other staff members is an essential skill for any budding supervisor or manager. Coach Others in Job Skills will teach you how to teach others!

Duration: 4 Hours
Department: Human Resources
Level: Essentials
Start: Flexible

Our ‘Coach Others in Job Skills’ course, has been meticulously designed to equip you with the skills to foster a culture of continuous learning and growth in your workplace. This course guides you through the intricacies of preparing for effective coaching, delivering impactful on-the-job training, and ensuring lasting results through diligent follow-up.

You’ll learn to identify coaching needs, communicate essential skills, and provide constructive feedback, all while enhancing your team’s performance. Whether it’s understanding the nuances of skill demonstration or mastering the art of supportive feedback, our course prepares you to become the catalyst for your colleagues’ professional development, ultimately contributing to a more skilled and proficient workforce.

You will learn:

1. Prepare for on-the-job coaching.

1.1 Identify the need for coaching based on a range of factors.

1.2 Identify specific coaching needs through discussion with a colleague and organise coaching sessions.

2. Coach colleagues on the job.

2.1 Explain the overall purpose of coaching to colleagues.2.2 Explain and demonstrate the specific skills.

2.3 Communicate required knowledge and check colleague understanding.

2.4 Advise organisational procedures for completing workplace tasks.

2.5 Provide colleagues with the opportunity to practise the skill and ask questions.

2.6 Provide feedback in a constructive and supportive manner.

3. Follow-up coaching.

3.1 Monitor the progress of new workplace skills and provide supportive assistance.3.2 Report progress to the appropriate person.

3.3 Identify performance problems or difficulties with the coaching and rectify or refer to the appropriate person for follow-up.

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