Market Segmentation for Hoteliers

This course will help you to understand different customer segments, to customise your product and service to increase revenue to your property.

2 Hours
Revenue Management
English with translation available

Most industries segment their market (i.e. their customers, and potential customers) into different segment to understand them more, and to customise their product to each segment. This is a fundamental way to increase revenue to your business. As a revenue analyst, you will need to know what these segments are and how you can win business from your competitors with that knowledge.

You Will Learn:

  • What segmentation is
  • Why hotels segment their markets
  • How to define each segment e.g. Corporate, Events, Wholesale, Retail etc
  • Is a channel the same as a segment?
  • How to use this segmentation to gain insights and improve bottom line results
  • Understand different consumer behaviours in difference channels
  • Understand the different terms and strategies around using Segments vs Channels vs personalised offers

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