COVID-19 Risk Control: Assessment and Management

A practical checklist for the assessment and management of risk to guide you through preparation for reopening and the management of hospitality operations in the COVID-19 world. A must for everyone responsible for operating a business.

Manage Risk
Duration: 2 hours
Department: COVID-19
Level: Manager
Start: Flexible

Who should take this course: Business Owners, Executives and Management
Sectors: All accommodation providers
Duration: Approximately2 hours
Certification: Certificate of Completion
Created by: Prof. Peter Jones MBE, author of Hospitality in the Post COVID-19 World.

  1. Employers have the legal duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of employees.
  2. Employers also have the vicarious liability for the negligence of employees
  3. There his a need to undertake a complete risk assessment before any return to work.
  4. Assessments must: Identify hazards/Identify who may be harmed/Evaluate the risks/Actions and preparedness/ Record findings/Review and revise as required
  5. Given the legal and wider reputational implications, such assessments will need to be signed off at Board level
  6. It is vital that health surveillance is integral to the risk assessment
  7. It should be assumed that all potential users could be a carrier of the disease and that could lead to an immediate risk of transmission of infection
  8. The risk assessment should include Infection control systems and actions to limit the potential spread
  9. All employers will need to consult with employees on all H&S matters before implementation.
  10. Employers should recognise the need for major workload and operational adjustments in order to mitigate the risks

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