Product Description

Customer service is the most important aspect of the hospitality industry. Managing the service delivery is therefore very important to any successful operation. The Manage Quality Customer Service course covers:

  • Market and customer research
  • Service and quality standards
  • Customer service monitoring
  • Feedback collection and analysis


 1. Develop quality customer service practices.


1.1.  Obtain information on customer needs, expectations and satisfaction levels using both formal and informal research.

1.2.  Provide opportunities for customers and colleagues to provide feedback on products and services.

1.3.  Review changes in internal and external environments and integrate findings into planning for quality service.

1.4.  Provide opportunities for staff to participate in the development of customer service practices.

1.5.  Develop policies and procedures for quality service provision.

 2. Manage the delivery of quality service.


2.1.  Communicate policies, procedures and expectations to colleagues.

2.2.  Make policies readily available to customers.

2.3.  Monitor customer service in the workplace to ensure standards are met.

2.4.  Initiate internal or external staff training to enhance customer service.

2.5.  Take responsibility for service outcomes and dispute resolution.

 3. Monitor and Adjust Customer Service.


3.3.  Assess the effectiveness of customer service practices.

3.4.  Identify and evaluate systematic customer service problems.

3.5.  Adjust policies and procedures to improve service quality.

3.6.  Develop, document and communicate new approaches to all those involved in service delivery.


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Cross-Departmental, Culinary, Event Management, F&B Service, Finance, Front Office, Housekeeping, Human Resources, Marketing, Revenue Management, Security, Spa, Tourism


Management, Operations