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All hotels and companies are different and so too are eLearning requirements.

From a specific course, professional certifications, branded platform and course creation requirements, we are here to enable your team to be at their best, to delight your guests, so your company can be at it’s best.

Tell us about your specific requirements so we can assist you further. Our courses cover every aspect of hospitality training from onboarding and increasing your product and service delivery, to retaining quality team members, recognising high achievers and implementing structured succession planning.

Some helpful topics that will allow us to tailor a proposal for you.

  • Your organisations objectives
  • Level of learning required, from onboarding to executive
  • Departmental training requirements
  • Professional certification pathways
  • Supporting internal leadership programs
  • Migration of existing courses online
  • Learning Management System requirements

Please complete the enquiry form and one of our curriculum specialists will be in touch.

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