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Enterprise eLearning

Develop your entire team including supervisors and managers. Recognise your high-achievers with academic certifications endorsed by The Institute of Hospitality. Create and distribute your own courses to your entire team, all through our flexible, scalable enterprise learning platform, up to 100 learners. For over 100 learners, please contact us for a discussion and proposal.

Over 600 hours
English with translation available

Courses – Academic Catalogue

The academic catalogue includes over 150 courses including supervisory, management and soft skills courses, rich with videos, interactive modules, quizzes and checkpoints. A certificate is provided for each learner on completion of each course.

Courses include operational departments of food and beverage, accommodation, events, finance, human resources and more.

The Enterprise eLearning subscription provides access to all coursework required to attain the Academy certifications, endorsed by The Institute of Hospitality.

Why subscribe to the Academic Catalogue?

  • Self-paced career development, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Access to more than 155 courses
  • Training created specifically for industry, by industry experts
  • Completion certificates for all courses
  • 4-6 hours learning per course, including extensive videos and quizzes
  • Translate courses into over 100 languages
  • Monthly subscription. No lock-in contract, cancel anytime!
  • Access to courses required to attain diploma certifications for hospitality management, internationally recognised by the Institute of Hospitality.

Already have your own LMS? Upload all or a selection of courses to support your team’s professional development in your existing LMS.

Delivery – eCampus Platform

If you would like to brand your team’s professional development add our flexible, scalable Learning Management System including:

  • Fully branded LMS
  • Branded course completion certificates
  • Full learner management
  • Dashboarding
  • Reporting
  • API to interface with many HRM systems.

Create your own courses – Authoring

Do you have your own training you would like to convert to eLearning, such as induction, brand standards and property onboarding?

Create courses without any prior experience, ask us for a demonstration.

Our integrated course authoring application enables you to upload existing training documents such as PowerPoint and Word or create your own eLearning. Our authoring application uses a wide range of templates to get you up and running quickly and professionally.

As the authoring application is integrated into our Learning platform, all content is translated automatically by most browser translators, enabling you to deliver one course globally in over 100 languages.

  • Unlimited course creation
  • Unlimited learner enrolment
  • Upload existing documents
  • Use our course templates to create your own bespoke training – fast!

The eHotelier Academy Enterprise solution provides you not only a leading, branded learning management system, with integrated content authoring but access to over 150 educational courses including management supervisory and executive courses to develop, recognise and retain your valuable team.

Not sure where to start – try our course “Move your training online“, or contact us to discuss your unique requirements, the Academy is flexible and scalable from limited service to luxury, 5 team members to unlimited learners.

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