Managing the Hotel Revenue Function

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Revenue Management is a very important aspect of hotel management and while dedicated revenue managers have a firm grasp on the discipline, it is often not well understood by Executives and General Management. Managing the Hotel Revenue Function has been designed specifically for owners, executives and general managers to help you understand how the revenue function should work.

For a property General Manager or Hotel/Resort Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing, Owner and Executive team, the revenue management discipline is a very important one but is often not well understood. This course will help you understand how the revenue function should work.

How can the Revenue Leader (RL) help you? We list different scenarios, what the RL should be doing in each scenario and how you should leverage the Revenue leader to optimise results.

Challenges? Rate Parity, Rate Leakage, Pricing, Automation, keeping up with new technology.

Forecasting can be a key driver of marketing strategy, commercial performance and operational improvements. Find out why you should be forecasting and what should you do with the forecast to improve your business.

Lastly, a detailed guide on how to improve your hotels performance by having regular, well-structured Revenue Meetings.


Revenue Management


4 Hours



English, with translation available



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  • Rate Parity – what is it; and what can you do about the challenges;
  • Forecasting – should be a fabulous tool for the whole Executive team;
  • Pricing – how should pricing decisions be made, how can leaders support this function
  • To learn what role the Revenue Meeting has in hotel operations and how you can support this to improve the hotel’s performance.
  • In different scenarios, what should the Revenue leader be doing, and how they can help you improve results.
  • Preparing for Automation – To understand the tools and support your revenue professionals need to provide an excellent service to the property./li>
  • This course can be a standalone course for hotel and hospitality professionals wanting to learn about the methods hoteliers can use to manage and develop the revenue management function under their management.
  • You could be an asset owner, management company, general manager, holiday rental agent or hotelier looking for best practice from the industry body
  • This course serves as a learning base for those who wish to do further study on any strategic marketing or commercial areas
  • Hotel professionals wishing to learn more about managing the commercial area of a hotel or any accommodation business


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