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Essentials Subscription

Hospitality Essentials provides monthly, unlimited access to 5 courses the Academy has identified as essential for hoteliers working in skills levels so they can thrive in a COVID-19 impacted market.

16 hours
Customer Service
English with translation available

Safeguard your skills. For hoteliers who want to continue their learning and develop their career during COVID-19.

What’s in the Hospitality Essentials subscription?

Use Hygienic Practices for Hospitality Service

Participate in safe work practices

Hotel Security Awareness

Workplace Ethics

Provide Service to Customers

Why subscribe to Hospitality Essentials?

  • Optimised learning to support hoteliers through COVID-19
  • Great value professional development at only $9/month
  • 15+ hours of interactive learning
  • Complimentary certificates of completion for each course
  • Delivered online – learn anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Training for industry, by industry
  • Cancel anytime

Start Learning

$9.00 / month

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Enterprise pricing available for this course.

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