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The Hospitality Management subscription offers unlimited monthly access to more than 155 hospitality courses, including 25 courses exclusively designed for hospitality professionals who perform within a management or an executive role.

Courses range from culinary, events, finance, human resources courses, tourism, cross-departmental and more. The Hospitality Management subscription also provides access to all coursework required to attain the Academy’s diplomas and other executive level certifications across a range of specialities.

Why subscribe to Hospitality Management subscription?

    • Self paced career development, anytime, anywhere on any device
    • Access to more than 155 courses
    • Training created specifically for industry, by industry experts
    • Completion certificates for all courses
    • 4-6 hours learning per course, including extensive videos and quizzes
    • Translate courses into over 100 languages
    • Monthly subscription. No lock-in contract, cancel anytime!
    • Access to courses required to attain diploma certifications for hospitality management, internationally recognised by the Institute of Hospitality.

Management courses included in Hospitality Management subscription

Culinary CLM001 Coordinate Cooking Operations
Events EMM001 Determine Event Feasibility
Events EMM002 Develop and Implement Event Management Plans
Events EMM003 Develop Conference Programs Develop Event Concepts
Events EMM004 Manage Event Staging Components
Events EMM005 Manage On-Site Event Operations
Events EMM006 Manage Projects
Events EMM007 Organise Event Infrastructure
Events EMM008 Research Event Trends and Practice
Events EMM009 Select Event Venues and Sites
Finance FIM001 Manage Finances
Finance FIM002 Manage Finances Within a Budget
Finance FIM003 Manage Physical Assets
Finance FIM004 Prepare and Monitor Budgets
Human Resources HRM001 Establish and Maintain a Work Health and Safety System
Human Resources HRM002 Manage Diversity in the Workplace
Human Resources HRM003 Manage Employee Relations
Human Resources HRM004 Recruit, Select and Induct Staff Roster Staff
Cross-Departmental MDM001 Develop and implement a Business Plan
Cross-Departmental MDM002 Establish and Conduct Business Relationships
Cross-Departmental MDM003 Manage Meetings
Cross-Departmental MDM004 Manage Operational Plan
Cross-Departmental MDM005 Manage Quality Customer Service
Cross-Departmental MDM006 Manage Risk
Cross-Departmental MDM007 Research and Comply with Regulatory Requirements

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