Strategy for Tourism

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Strategy for Tourism is an internationally focused text which explains strategic management, analysis and implementation specifically in the tourism industry.

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ISBN: 978-1-906884-07-9

Pages: 280


In today’s fast moving environment a sound, well-advised strategic plan is essential for all businesses, none more so than those in the tourism industry. Without strategy, organizations are susceptible to strategic drift – a consequence of failure to monitor and respond to the changing external environment.

It covers strategic management in a variety of tourism contexts, such as organizations, destinations, governments, NGOs and IGOs, as well as for special purposes (e.g. ad- hoc events, sustainability, inclusion, pro-poor). Using global case studies, it provides a complete overview of all the factors required when establishing a strategic plan, covering:

  • analysis of external factors, including competition, economics and politics;
  • choice and evaluation of the strategic plan;
  • implementation, managing and monitoring the plan.

Written in a clear, organized and student-friendly style, Strategy for Tourism is a key text for tourism management courses, particularly at undergraduate level 3 and postgraduate. Each chapter features learning objectives, summaries of key journal articles, short illustrative materials, extended case studies, review questions, class activities, chapter summaries and links to relevant websites