Strategy for Tourism – Second Edition

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This bestselling text uses an international focus to explain strategic management, analysis and implementation specifically in the tourism industry. It covers strategic management in a variety of tourism contexts, such as organizations, destinations, governments, NGOs and IGOs, as well as for special purposes (e.g. ad- hoc events, sustainability, inclusion, pro-poor). Using global case studies, it provides a complete overview of all the factors required when establishing a strategic plan, covering:

  • analysis of external factors, including competition, economics and politics;
  • choice and evaluation of the strategic plan;
  • implementation, managing and monitoring the plan.

ISBN: 978-1-910158-63-0

Pages: 256

Publication Date: February 2016


In today’s fast moving environment a sound, well-advised strategic plan is essential for all businesses, none more so than those in the tourism industry. Without strategy, organizations are susceptible to strategic drift – a consequence of failure to monitor and respond to the changing external environment. Fully revised and updated, Strategy for Tourism – second edition¬†contains:

  • Revised cases studies
  • Updated data, especially in the areas of the external environment
  • New references

Written in a clear, organized and student-friendly style, each chapter features learning objectives, summaries of key journal articles, short illustrative materials, extended case studies, review questions, class activities, chapter summaries and links to relevant websites, plus free access to PowerPoint slides.

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