Revenue Management


This eBook provides an introduction to the world of Revenue Management in hospitality.  A range of devices and guides for installation are available here.

Product Description

Maximise your Hotel revenue today

Objectives of the Book
The principle aim of this eBook is to enable the reader to develop their
knowledge of Revenue Management practices including how to:

  1. Understand the core components of revenue management and how
    these are applied within the service sector.
  2. Understand the motivation of the customer in making purchase
  3. Understand the influence of the economic cycle in consumers
    purchase decisions.
  4. Understand the nature of competitive markets.
  5. Understand the principles of market segmentation for a hotel.
  6. Understand the core components of pricing and its impact (in a
    variety of demand periods) on value perception.
  7. Understand the key skills required for a revenue manager.
    As you progress through this book you have the opportunity to test your
    knowledge and understanding using the interactive review tools.