Revenue Management for Hospitality and Tourism

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ISBN: 978-1-908999-48-1 HBK; 978-1-908999-49-8 PBK

Number of pages: 262

Published date: May 2013

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Product Description

Written by leading academic and industry experts actively engaged in revenue management, research and teaching, this is a new and original treatment of the whole field for students and professionals.

The first part of the book provides academically rigorous challenging and contemporary material to get to the core of the subject and to make the theory and practice lively, relevant and engaging. Throughout this, and the second section, numerous references to past and present good practice are used providing the reader with insight into best practice in companies leading the revenue management agenda in markets all over the world.

The second part of the book is authored by a range of academics and practitioners all currently engaged in revenue management practice, balancing the theory with the best overview possible of real world practice. Drawn from the widest possible range of sectors including hospitality, car rental, airlines, tour operators, restaurants and advertising it gives an unrivalled industry perspective.

The book is designed for students at many levels in universities, business schools, schools of tourism and hospitality studying marketing, pricing, distribution, selling and commercial issues in the service industry. It will also be ideal for practitioners (consulting experts, revenue managers, pricing managers) studying part-time or on CPD programmes requiring a strong theoretical and practical orientation. It will be essential for those working in revenue management, reservations, operations and logistics and generic marketing.