Principles and Practices of Bar and Beverage Management: the drinks handbook

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Format: Digital

ISBN: 978-1-908999-58-0 hbk

Number of pages: 400

Published date: March 2013

Product Description

The bar and drinks business is hugely competitive. The key to success or failure between the many beverages and services offered in any bar is the employees who make, market, sell and serve them. Customer expectation and demand is constantly increasing and so it’s crucial for all staff to have comprehensive product knowledge and superior specialized service skills.

The Principles and Practices of Bar and Beverage Management: The Drinks Handbook is an authoritative resource and comprehensive training guide, essential for all students, bartenders, sommeliers, mixologists, waiters and food and beverage practitioners the world over. Written and configured in an accessible and user-friendly style, packed with facts, explanatory illustrations and case studies it provides an in-depth knowledge of the products, plus the technical skills, practices and latest developments in the bar and beverage area.

The chapters are structured with specific learning aims and objectives, comprehensive indicative content, tables, illustrations, models of the significant issues surrounding the topic area and end of chapter summaries. This book features:

  • Theory and instruction: a complete guide to beers, wines, spirits, liqueurs, teas, coffee, hot chocolate, waters, soft drinks and cocktails – where they’re from, how they’re made, how to serve them and how to achieve
  • Real world examples that connect the theory and instructions to professional practice.
  • Reference and resources: detailed compilation of facts, up to date web resources and companion websites which surround the major categories and brands of beers, ciders, fortified and still wines, spirits and liqueurs of the world and an indispensible listing of over 90 classic and contemporary cocktail recipes.

Its companion textbook Principles and Practices of Bar and Beverage Management concentrates on the complexities of managing modern bars. Together the two books create a must-have toolkit for all students and industry professionals in the fields of food and beverage management.