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Hospitality 2.0

Hospitality 2.0 is about the past, present, and future of hospitality presenting a comprehensive study on the state of the industry by describing the challenges it has been dealing with, major disruptions, effects of tech evolution, cloud computing, alternative accommodations and COVID-19.

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Hospitality 2.0 contains exclusive interviews with industry leaders and technology founders who share their stories about what inspired them to start their companies, how they overcame the challenges presented by the hospitality industry, and how they developed their products into key elements of the hospitality ecosystem. You will also find interviews with companies like Google and AWS where they share their vision on how to move the industry forward through technology and what they are already doing in that area.

This book is best suited for: hotel owners and managers, executives of hospitality companies, technology founders, investors, hospitality professors and students as well as anyone else who has an interest in the hospitality industry and shares my passion for its evolution. Regardless of your current experience and knowledge level, you will learn many new things about the industry. At least one ‘Aha!’ moment per chapter is guaranteed.

About the Author – Ira Vouk:

Ira Vouk is a hospitality consultant and technology innovator who brings nearly two decades of practical industry experience, predominantly championing the role of revenue management and the use of technology to provide hospitality companies with insight to lead their business strategy better. She is also a published author, speaker and educator on revenue and profit optimization, distribution and hospitality technology.

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Listen to Ira review the book with Matthew Stephens on the Hotel Insights Podcast, or through all reputable podcast channels including Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google.

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