Creative B2B Branding (No, Really)

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B2B brand communications have changed little in the last 25 years, until now. This book combines experience, insight, anecdote, observation and example to demonstrate how businesses can dramatically improve their creative communication and the value of their brands.


Format: Digital

Pages: 246

ISBN: 978-1-906884-12-3


What readers will gain from Creative B2B Branding (No, Really):

  • A deep focus and understanding of B2B branding from the coalface
  • The immediate ability to apply B2B brand theory directly to business
  • Visible improvement to brand value – simply, easily, instantly
  • The ability to shape the case for creative change and improved budget support
  • A view of Social Media, Digital Strategy and Online Tools applied to B2B brands
  • Inspiration, motivation and comfort derived from the experience of others

Creative B2B Branding (No, Really) has been written by a B2B marketing
professional for business and marketing professionals – those working in business and
those studying business. The insights are applicable to the broadest business audience
in and outside of the Marketing Department.