Continuous Branding

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Helping organisations of all sizes to grow more consistently and sustainably, the book is called called Continuous Branding and is written by Craig Thatcher, a branding consultant and director of FRASERS, a long established agency in the United Kingdom.

ISBN: 978-0-9932168-1-7

Pages: 187

Product Description

With nearly thirty years of experience he understands the challenges that all service-based organisations face that manufacturers and sellers of products don’t. Like the intangibility of their services, which makes it difficult to stand out and to motivate their people to build their brands. So it can feel like they’re sailing into a head wind.

He says that, “to help owners and managers to understand and to harness the power of branding I’ve developed a strategic tool called ‘Continuous Branding’ with five simple principles, to adopt and adapt to grow more easily”.

He adds, “It is proven with great results. One of my clients has grown by more than 20% per annum, and has created a market leading, award winning business within three short years. It’s like having his own tail wind”. Craig goes on to say that “If you build a strong brand, you don’t have to sell so hard”.

As a branding consultant and speaker he is ideally placed to inspire owners and managers to build their brands.