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Demonstrating Leadership in times of crisis

Crisis situations can cause businesses to change their strategy/business goals, downsize, exit a market, fail or incur severe reputational damage. This course will provide a view of what it means to be a leader during a crisis situation, leveraging case studies, relevant literature, and other relevant learning activities.

2 Hours
English with translation available

Strong and agile leadership in crisis situations is a critical component of crisis management. Through this course you will develop an understanding of why that is, and how we can emulate some of the important leadership traits and behaviours to successfully emerge from crisis situations without terminal damage to the bottom line or reputation.

Course Objectives

  • Evaluate the importance and relevance of strong leadership in crisis situations
  • Describe the essential traits and behaviours of effective leaders in crisis situations
  • Examine the various types of strategies required for the different crisis and their stages
  • Explain how to communicate effectively during a crisis to your stakeholders and employees

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